Gear for Sale

This page will be updated regularly as I clear kit out or mates want to sell equipment...

All kit can be viewed or collected at Stoney Cove most weekends... it’s sad but it’s where we do a lot of training.

I’m based in Northampton

Mail me -

Updated 09/01/06

Weezle Undersuit - Black

Medium sized and will fit upto a slimish - less than 13 stone 6 ft person (not me - hence unused!!!)

One of the best, compact undersuits...

Ideal under neoprene or tri-laminate dry suits, excellent thermal properties which are retained even when wet!!! (It’s hydrophobic) Special wicking layer next to your skin to remove moisture.

This Suit is new and unused, included in its normal “stuff-sack” and retails at around £125



Full Pony Setup

3 Litre Pony Bottle (In test)

Protective Pony Bag

Stainless quick release mechanism (Same pattern as Custom Divers) this item alone normally retails around £50

Apeks environmentally sealed 1st Stage + Oceanic 2nd Stage



Beaver Weight Harness

Take the weight off your waist and back and let it rest on your shoulders... alternatively if you don’t have a waist... buy this and get your lead to stay where it should.

Includes welded heavy duty D rings

Adjustable, with quick release weight pouches, either shot bags or blocks (I’ll include blocks at £1 a pound if needed to your ideal weight)

Normally retails at about £65




Oceanic Chute 2

See the equipment reviews...I've not used it for almost a year and so should really get rid of it.



UKD8R Dive Light

Twin bulb version of the standard UK diving equipment...

30W and 14W bulbs, can be switched over whilst on a dive, so built in redundancy

Lantern in excellent condition along with Puffin Divers neoprene cover, charger included.

Mine is equipped with the pistol style grip



Mares Ruby Regulator

One of the best regulators (and one of the most expensive) set up with DIN fitting.

Excellent regulator…all metal 2nd stage acts as an excellent heat sink.

VERY easy breather

Supplied with Nikos octopus…yellow



FA&Mi 2004 100W/150W Umbilical Dive light

Originally purchased as a video light, this now includes a 9 degree reflector making it the brightest dive light you are likely to see.

This amazing umbilical lamp runs a 24V 100W photo grade projector bulb (spare included in the price) and can be fitted for a few pounds with anything from a 50W to a 150W

The unit comes with intelligent rapid charger and carry case, the unit also has a custom neoprene cover to stop it getting scratched when wrecking...

Be the envy of your friends, put all those HID divers to shame.

Price also includes 110 degree video reflector, the head also has an M8 fitting for connection to an arm etc.


This unit has a trick up it’s sleeve in that it can be turned from an umbilical into a lantern... a bloody big, bloody bright lantern. You never know you might want to do it.

Bought about a year ago for £475 and in excellent condition

It wont be here long at this price



Updated September  2007